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National Parks Service, Harry Yount National Park Ranger Award

National Parks Service, Harry Yount National Park Ranger Award, National Parks Service, 2018

“If a trail is to be blazed, it is 'send a ranger.' If an animal is floundering in the snow, a ranger is sent to pull him out; if a bear is in the…

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Peace Corps, Peace Corps

Peace Corps, Peace Corps, Wikimedia Commons, 2016

The Peace Corps is a volunteer service program overseen by the United States government. Following the success of some smaller programs, like…

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Simtropolitan, Mass Department of Environmental Protection

Simtropolitan, Mass Department of Environmental Protection, Simtropolitan, None

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection is an agency of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, responsible for protecting the environment…

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Rolf Mueller, Longwanqun National Forest

Rolf Mueller, Longwanqun National Forest, Rolf Mueller, 25 July, 2011

Longwanqun National Forest is a nationally protected nature area in Huinan County, Jilin, China. Geographically, it is part of the western Changbai…

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AngMoKio, Yosemite National Park

AngMoKio, Yosemite National Park, AngMoKio, 7-Sep

Yosemite National Park is an American national park located in the western Sierra Nevada of Central California, bounded on the southeast by Sierra…

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Henry Hartley, Forestry Laws

Henry Hartley, Forestry Laws, Henry Hartley, 20 September, 2004

Forestry laws govern activities in designated forest lands, most commonly with respect to forest management and timber harvesting. Ancillary laws may…

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Danilo Prudêncio Silva, Ecologia

Danilo Prudêncio Silva, Ecologia, Danilo Prudêncio Silva, 24 August, 2007

World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated on 5 June every year, and is the United Nations' principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for…

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Friends of the Earth Workshop,_Nambassa_1978.jpg

Friends of the Earth Workshop

Friends of the Earth International (FoEI) is an international network of environmental organizations in 74 countries. Friends of the Earth was founded…

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Earth First

Earth First

“Political compromise has no place in the defense of Earth.”       Excerpt from an Earth First! Memo by Dave Forman and Howie Wolke In 1980 Dave…

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Bogdan Giușcă, 2013 Romanian protestsța_Universității_bgiu.jpg/1024px-Protest_15_septembrie_Piața_Universității_bgiu.jpg

Bogdan Giușcă, 2013 Romanian protests, Bogdan Giușcă, 15 September, 2003

The 2013 Romanian protests against the Roșia Montană Project were a series of protests in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and dozens of other cities in Romania…

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