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The Virtual Museum of Public Service

Public Service embodies the ethical principles of the common good, service to others and social equity. It is important because the essential components of our society are largely carried out in the public sphere: education, health, justice and security, environmental protection, museums and the arts, etc. Yet citizens often undervalue endeavors undertaken in government, nonprofit and volunteer settings. The public sector is broadly represented in the arts and in contemporary media, yet the public service endeavor is most often oversimplified and receives unjustified criticism as inefficient or inept.

The Virtual Museum of Public Service balances this stereotype, drawing upon digital representations of great works of visual art, film, video and significant documentary artifacts to depict the largely unrecognized achievements and sacrifices of individuals in the public service, thereby reflecting the contributions that public servants have made to their communities, nations, and the world.

The museum has over 30 galleries for permanent and special exhibitions. Among these are galleries dedicated to Public Service as a Profession, Nonprofit Organizations, Women in Public Service, Security, Fire and Emergency Management, Science in Public Service, Philanthropy, Leadership in Public Service, and many more.


The Virtual Museum of Public Service aims to connect individuals with artistic representations of the societal value of public service. The museum is a tool for upholding these principles and illuminating the largely unrecognized achievements and sacrifices made by individuals, upon which the ethos of public service is built.

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