The following is a collection of multi-media resources relevant to the work of public servants worldwide. Explore public service-related awards, digital museums, career pages, and so on, to be further inspired by those who daily work for our common good. 


  1. National Teacher of the Year Award
  2. Global Teacher Prize
  3. Academic/Research Librarian of the Year Award

Dangerous Service 

  1. FASNY Museum of Firefighting
  2. Massachusetts Firefighter of the Year Award 
  3. National Volunteer Firefighter Council

Public Health 

  1. American Nursing Association Hall of Fame
  2. Florence Nightingale Medal: Honoring Exceptional Nurses and Nursing Aids

Women in Public Service 

  1. National Women’s History Museum
  2. The Jane Goodall Institute
  3. 50x50 Movement: The Women in Public Service Project

Law and Governance  

  1. National Public Service Award: American Bar Association
  2. American Society for Public Administration: National Public Service Award
  3. Manuel Carballo Governor’s Award for Excellence in Public Service

Science and Environment 

  1. The National Audubon Society
  2. The National Science Board Public Service Award

International Public Service 

  1. United Nations Public Service Day and Awards