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Special Rooms: Curriculum

◊ Curriculum ◊

Russian Posters:

  • Educational Programs include: Courses and Workshops, School and Youth Programs, and Guided Tours
    • Source: The Ukrainian Museum, New York
  • About the Berlin Wall
    • The Berlin Wall & Beyond is an interactive curriculum designed to help high school world history teachers. With a variety of lesson plans, activities, discussion questions, primary source documents, and analysis worksheets, this website offers the tools that educators need to teach their students about the Berlin Wall, post-World War II Europe, and the Cold War through interactive activities, videos, photos, and other media.
    • Source: The Wende Museum, California
  • About the Berlin Wall and Beyond
    • Curricula with Worksheets and Analytical Guidelines
    • Source: The Wende Museum, California

Straus Family:

  • Documents and stories about:
    • The Origins of the Straus Family
    • Isidor Straus and his wife and the sinking of the Titanic.
  • Photographs
    • About: Lazarus & Fannie Levi Straus Family, L. Straus & Sons, Macy's, etc.


  • Learning to Give
    • Philanthropy education resources that teach giving and civic engagement.
  • Giving Tuesday
    • Toolkits, curriculum guides and other ideas
  • US AID Data Sources
    • USAID has launched new datasets and tools for technologists and software developers