Isidor Straus: Educational Alliance


Isidor Straus: Educational Alliance


The Educational Alliance on 197 East Broadway in New York City was founded by a group of Jewish philanthropists including Isidor Straus. The building was erected in 1891. Originally it was a settlement house for Eastern European Jews immigrating to New York City where English was taught as was vocational instruction. Today The Educational Alliance provides community services and activities to neighborhood residents at several locations. The Lee Kohns Cultural Arts Center is part of the original Educational Alliance building. The entrance on Jefferson Street bears his name. Lee Kohns was the son of Lazarus and Hermine Straus Kohns. Hermine was the daughter of Lazarus and Sara Straus. A plaque where the Educational Alliance's auditorium is located is dedicated to Lee Kohns. A second plaque bears the name of his son, Robert Lee Kohns and the Robert Lee Kohns Foundation. A third plaque in this hallway reads: "Isidor Straus, philanthropist, humanitarian and ardent supporter of programs to help the poor and downtrodden become part of the American dream. A man of vision and compassion, committed to the growth of America as a democratic homeland and a land of freedom and opportunity. A founder and the first president of the Educational Alliance 1891 - 1912."

An article by Ilene Scholnick Ausubel, Vice President of Development at the Educational Alliance, reads, “The legacy of Isidor Straus and the other founding philanthropists continues on today. For 125 years, the Educational Alliance has been the place where the people on the Lower East Side and East Village have come for the opportunity to create a better life. Today, the Educational Alliance serves 50,000 people through 36 programs and remains focused on providing educational projects and culture, social services and recreation.”


Educational Alliance


Building photo - before 1906
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Isidor Straus: Educational Alliance

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Educational Alliance & The Straus Historical Society


Educational Alliance & The Straus Historical Society


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