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Oboznenko, D., It fits!


Oboznenko, D., It fits!, Rutgers, Continuum, None

As Chubarov (2001) put it, in a rapidly changing world, it was the “revolution of the microchip and the computer” taking place in the West that…

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Zavyalov, V., Planning with his head in the clouds


Zavyalov, V., Planning with his head in the clouds, Rutgers, 1962

The poster targets the lack of realism and excessively high production goals of the plans sent down to enterprises from central agencies.

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Mazrukho, M., Dreaming


Mazrukho, M., Dreaming, Rutgers, 1967

"He is dreaming of shifting all of his duties to an electronic brain.
But even the electronic brain cannot substitute for your personal one.

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Travin, V., Orders


Travin, V., Orders, Rutgers, Continuum, 1981

"Poet: Yefimovski, Y.

He gave orders, many a task,
“Work harder!”—he was bellowing.
But he never left his desk
To check if team was…

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Uborevich-Borovsky, V., We've got pluralism!


Uborevich-Borovsky, V., We've got pluralism!, Rutgers, 1991

As Mikhail Gorbachev attempted to restructure the nation, the problems of unclear jurisdiction appeared in such areas as urban traffic control.

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Kunnap, V., The schedule of repairs


Kunnap, V., The schedule of repairs, Rutgers, 1961

"“The reconstruction and renovation of residential housing is progressing well in the majority of Leningrad districts. However, in some city areas…

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Trunev, Y., Write…That we breed sturgeons


Trunev, Y., Write…That we breed sturgeons, Rutgers, 1967

"Poet: Smirnovsky, S.

A bureaucrat can always manage in such a way.
And sturgeon is not the problem here...
This man can breed everything and…

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Kunnap, V., For high progress in education!


Kunnap, V., For high progress in education!, Rutgers, 1975

"Poet: Smirnovski, S.

Little Yegorka just ran through the text,
He did not learn his lesson—so ""D"" was the next.
The director of studies did…

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Rabinovich, Y., The "most promising" employee


Rabinovich, Y., The "most promising" employee, Rutgers, 1964

"Poet: Tumarinson, G.

This boss is generous with promises—
He may make hundreds of promises...
But all his claims are simple proofs
Of his…

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Trunev, Y., Smokagogue


Trunev, Y., Smokagogue, Rutgers, 1973

"Smokagogue is an acronym of two words: smoke and demagogue.

Poet: Suslov, V.

To clean the air?—He says that we must.
“I’ll put the filters…

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