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Foundations of Public Service: Related Publications & Videos

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Civic Architecture & Public Works:

Public Service as a Profession:

  • The Heart of the Profession: Understanding Public Service Values Authors- Molina, Anthony D. and Cassandra McKeown. 2012. Journal of Public Affairs Education.18(2): 375-396.

    • This study explores whether and how public service values influence administrative behavior and decision making. The authors develop a theoretical model that explains the link between public service values and the administrative behavior and decision making of practitioners.

Oaths of Office

Postal Service:

Serving the Public in Elected Office:

  • Women in Congress

    • This Web site, based on the book Women in Congress, 1917–2006, contains biographical profiles of former women Members of Congress, links to information about current women Members, essays on the institutional and national events that shaped successive generations of Congresswomen, and images of each woman Member, including rare photos.
      Source: U.S. House of Representatives: History, Art and Archives

  • Women State Legislators: Past, Present and Future.

    • In 2001, with funding from the Barbara Lee Family Foundation, the Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP) surveyed female and male state legislators and compared the new data with prior CAWP research findings. The initial brief research reports include descriptions of women legislators today and comparisons with their male colleagues as well as with their 1988 counterparts.
      Source: Center for American Women and Politics (CAPW), Eagleton Institute of Politics, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

  • Keeping it Clean: Public Financing in American Elections by Steven M. Levin

    • This Center for Governmental Studies (CGS) report is the first comprehensive effort to analyze the effectiveness of state and local public campaign financing systems operating in the United States today.  Keeping it Clean summarizes major attributes of key public financing systems and analyzes available data, reports, press accounts and interviews with administrators, participants, advocates and opponents of these laws.
      Source: Center for Governmental Studies

  • General Information about Running for Public Office
    • This document is intended to provide a general overview regarding running for state-level public office in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is not intended to be a complete and detailed guide to all of the statutory requirements related to running for office.
  • Ethics Definitions of Public Officials and Public Officers
    • In many states, ethics laws are written to apply to "public officials" or "public officers." The subtleties in defining these terms play a significant role in determining who and what offices are subject to state ethics regulations.
  • Local Government Basics for Those New to Local Public Service
    • The Institute for Local Government offers materials and resources to local officials and agency staff as tools to assist in orientation and developing skills of elected and appointed officials involved in public decision-making processes.
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Timelines of Public Service: