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Foundations of Public Service: Primary Documents

◊ Primary Documents ◊

Civic Architecture & Public Works:

Public Service as a Profession:

Oaths of Office:

Postal Service:

Serving the Public in Elected Office:

Timelines of Public Service:

  • Legislative history of Social Security

    • Includes copies of the original Social Security Act 1935 and subsequent amendments.

  • History e-Library

    • National Park System Timeline (Annotated)

  • A Guide to Conducting Research in FBI Records

    • The FBI, like other government agencies—creates or obtains records as it fulfills its duties. These records are generally organized into case files. Common records include investigative files, personnel files, and “rap sheets” (criminal identification records).

  • 50 Years of Service: The Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory by Jane Kapler Smith, Diane Smith and Colin Hardy

    • Source: Fire Management Today. Volume 71 - No. 3 – 2011. U.S. Forest Service - Department of Agriculture

  • A Test of Adversity and Strength: Wildland Fire in the National Park System

    • Source: By Hal K. RothmanNational Park Services

  • Public Services Reform: timeline of local government developments

    • This research paper presents a timeline of the main developments in public services reform policy that have impacted Welsh local government in recent years. Source: National Assembly for Wales Commission Copyright 2013 - Research Service

  • The Role of Public Services in State and Nation-Building: Exploring Lessons from European History for Fragile States, July 2009 by Steven Van de Walle and Zoë Scott

    • Concerns about failed and fragile states have put states and nation building firmly on the academic and policy agenda. The crucial role of public services in this process has remained under-explored. The 1960s and 70s generated a substantial set of literature on state and nation building that is largely absent from current writings that focus on developing countries. This literature, mainly focusing on Western European countries, identified state penetration, standardization, and accommodation as key processes in the state and nation building sequence. In this paper we analyze these processes of state and nation building in Western Europe in the 17th & 19th centuries, and the role of public services therein, to explore how they may help us to understand the success and failure of state5 and nation building in developing countries and fragile states. We end with a number of key lessons and questions for international donors. Source: Government and Social Development Resource Center, International Development Department, University of Birmingham Copyright 2009