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Diversity and Leadership: Curriculum

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Diversity in Public Service:

Leadership for the Public Service:

Motivation for the Public Service:

  • The Price of Freedom: Americans at War
    • Learning Resources, National Museum of American History
  • Why Motivation Matters in Public Sector Innovation by Jo Casebourne 2014
    • These literatures give key insights on how to harness intrinsic motivation to encourage public sector innovation. It is know that public servants draw on intrinsic motivations in their work and that what drives them is a mix of altruism and more self–interested motives. It is know that innovation is more linked to intrinsic than to extrinsic motivations.
    • Source: NESTA (NESTA is a registered charity in the England and Wales)
  • Motivation of Public Service Officials: Insights for Practitioners
    • Studies have shown that reduced salaries, insufficient equipment to perform work duties, dysfunctional government budgets and the pressure to remain effective while cutting resources and costs have affected service motivation in many countries. Years of such decline make the prospect of a public service workforce being able to deliver an increasingly complex agenda on reduced budgets unlikely.
    • Yet, the public sector is critical to international development and key public services, such as healthcare, sanitation, electricity and water supply can be harmed by the lack of a motivated workforce. It is thus important to restore motivation in the public service to achieve the UNDP’s post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals.
    • Source: The Global Center for Public Service Excellence, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Quiet Heroes and Innovators:

  • The Public Sector Innovation Toolkit
    • The Public Sector Innovation Toolkit has been developed to assist individual public servants, public sector teams and agencies who want to increase the extent and effectiveness of their innovation efforts. On this website are tools that have been developed to give practical advice on fostering innovation within your agency. While this Toolkit is designed for use by the Australian Public Service, we welcome the use of the tools by other public servants.
    • Source: The Australian Government- Public Sector Innovation
  • The Innovation Unit
    • The Innovation Unit partners with the public sector to develop different, better, lower cost solutions to social challenges. For example, the Unit offers a number of support packages to support the delivery of radical new models of schooling.
  • Government Innovators Network: A forum for Innovation in the Public Sector
    • This section includes innovations in the area of governance and politics including accountability, civic engagement and participation, civil rights, collaboration, corruption, democratization, diversity, electoral politics, migration and immigration, privacy, privatization, social justice, and transparency. - See more at:
    • Source: Harvard Kennedy School Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation

Women in the Public Service: